Chateau Chaparral Owners Association

November 2022

Thank you LaNell for her contributions towards the commercial oven!

We've successfully installed the new oven that was donated by LaNell Thuesen, Lot #69. Thank you so much Lanelle! We are grateful to be able to use it for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners this year.

The social committee will be excited to use it in 2023 for bake sales and potlucks too!  

Moth seen at Lodge 

Budget Has Passed!

New HOA Dues:
Sewer Assessment: $595

Total Dues: $1355/yr

Letter from the Manager, Colee:

Greetings! As the seasons, times, and temperatures change, my hope is that you all are safe, healthy, warm and at peace this winter. My favorite part of working here is 'You'.  Despite having to perform compliance and push through the SDCEA electric conversion, we're getting through it together. Your efforts to care for your lot are appreciated.  If anyone still needs trenching for electric, please let me know. 

Now that it's winter, as things slow down, let's gather for a few meals, and enjoy a few fires in the Lodge to get us out of winter hibernation. 

Some of you know that my best day at work is when you visit, or when I go hiking after work with my dog or chatting with you while I'm filling up the coin exchange machine. Hopefully, you know that I'm never too busy for you.  If you have any concerns or questions for the Board, please don't hesitate to email me or call and I will relay your questions and get back to you as soon as possible.

It's important that we enjoy what we are given and appreciate the amazing land we all are stewarding here.  Little by little, it will come together. Thank you to those who voted to support the budget increase. I promise to do my very best to assist the current Board with our goals and continue to support the new board members to come.  Let's see how much we can do in 12 months! I've been researching grant funds and am getting closer to understanding the timelines for applications.  Hopefully, we can get all of our water and sewer compliance issues upgraded as soon as possible.

Thank you all for welcoming me to this honorable position supporting CCOA.  May your holiday season be filled with hope in your heart. Please visit me at the Lodge this winter and join in the Lodge gatherings, if you are able. 

Illinois Bathhouse has been painted by our new maintenance technician, Billy Hicks. Welcome Billy!

Billy, Carol and I finished painting the Illinois bathhouse last month.  Thank you to Joe Goodwin for sanding it. Roof repairs are coming soon. We were thankful to get the painting done before the cold weather set in, which seems to have happened! It was 8 degrees last night! 

Before picture of the IL Bathhouse

Our new maintenance technician, Billy Hicks and Carol Farren, Building and Grounds Committee

After Picture of IL Bathhouse

Did you know that as of Friday, November 11, 2022, ALL of our washers and dryers are working!  Clean Designs Maintenance Company advised that we are NOT to put any detergent pods in the dispensers.  Thank you to all those who wipe out the machines when you are done. You are appreciated!

Email to share if you are in favor of a dog park! Please put 'dog park' in the subject line. This can be done with proper rules and management. If you aren't able to email, call 719-395-8282.

If you would like to be a part of plant/seed swapping, please email: or show up at the meetings. No need to sign up for this group.

We will be meeting on the first Saturday of each month, starting in January at 10 am in the Lodge.

Let's share some plants, roots, seeds, and ideas! 

Chaffee County Mobile Clinic News

Abigail Smedley,  Mike Orrill and Julie Nutter

The Chaffee County Mobile Clinic had 12 people visit in October to get vaccines, dental, and referrals services.

Next Mobile Clinic & Social Activities:

December 7th, 12-2 PM
at the Lodge.

During this upcoming clinic, they will be bringing their diabetes coordinator who can provide A1C readings.

Building & Grounds News

Steve Agent, once again, has gone above and beyond!  He has cleared Tract K and will be planting native grass seed with a sage mix.  Thank you to Steve and Building and Grounds volunteers for all you do!

Barbara & Steve helping to clean up the visitor parking area

Message from the President, Joanie McCord:

Hello Chateau! This is the first of several messages from your Board President
and there are several items I’d like to cover.

First and foremost is the passing of the dues and sewer increases. THANK YOU for
thinking ahead and realizing that several of the projects your board has planned,
in this day of uncertainty and ever rising costs, can now be accomplished. Your
board is really excited to be able to move forward for the betterment of our very
unique community.

Second is our wonderful bridge that spans our “Mini Gorge” and the infamous
Arkansas River (which has 150 miles of Gold Medal water, by the way) … ok back
on track. We’re having our bridge repaired, updated, and secured so it’ll be safe
for all of us to use for years to come.

Third item is our wonderful lodge. Again, something that makes our community
quite unique. We are repairing the south wall, getting the men’s room back in
order and working at repainting the outside.
Speaking of – repainting - have you noticed the bathhouses lately? The Illinois
bathhouse, which is open during the winter, is really looking great with a new
coat of paint.

Finally, I return to my first item – the budget. None of the above-mentioned
projects would be completed without you having invested in your community.
There’s a lot more going on, which we will cover in future newsletters. Until then, I
along with your whole Board of Managers and CCOA office staff, wish all of you a
Happy Thanksgiving and that everyone stays safe and healthy!

Water and Sewer Updates

We have begun making calls to contractors regarding the Washington Street Project.  If you are unfamiliar with this project, the original CCOA water pipes that were installed during initial development are in process of corrosion.  In addition, these pipes are located directly underneath the living units on Washington Street. The pipes under Lots 247-251 have been relocated by Cowboy Construction.  The plan is to relocate the pipes out from underneath the remaining units on Washington Street. We are obtaining three bids to be delivered to the Board to discuss further development on the project as soon as possible.  We were able to meet the November 25, 2022, deadline for a Colorado State grant application for up to $25,000.00 to possibly help defray the cost of this project.

Bridge Update

The repair contract by Bonsai has been approved and signed by the Board. We will tentatively be on the schedule for repairs towards the end of December. They estimated 4 days for repairs.

Kids Movie Night

Moana will be
playing at the Lodge
Friday, December 2nd
at 5:30 PM 
There will be buttered popcorn! 
Adults welcomed too!

Winter Projects

Solar Lights (Dark Skies Compliant)
Security Cameras:
(Lodge, Shop, Ill Bathhouse areas)
Winter Lodge Social Hours
Men's Lodge Bathhouse
Bonsai Bridge Repair
Road Maintenance
Upgrade Water Pipes
Sewer Plant Cover bids

The Lodge south wall is almost completely caulked and protected for winter. 

In the spring the Lodge, WY and Oregon bathhouses will be painted.

Does anyone have special skills they would like to share with CCOA?

Are you an architect, plumber, welder, roofer, machinist, surveyor, landscaper, builder, gardener, painter, rv technician, cleaner, electrician, carpenter, administrator, chimney sweep, engineer, or surveyor?

We would appreciate any services you have as a volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the office at 719-395-8282.

Did you know that our primary way of communicating important information is via email? 
Please contact me if you have an email address to add to the information we have on file.   
We also ZOOM our Board meetings on Mondays at 5:30PM. 

If you would like to be added to our ZOOM meeting invitation list
please email: for instructions and requirements.

Photos By the Fireplace

Family Christmas Photo booth will be available for free! We will take portrait pictures of you and your family by the fireplace on:

Sunday, December 18th, 3-4 P.M.
Call the office to sign up,

Have fun, dress up, and smile!

The pictures will be emailed the next day. Walmart has photo printing that is very affordable. If you need help ordering photos, let me know.  Email address required.

CCOA Winter Office hours:

Monday   10:00 – 2:00 P.M.
Tuesday   10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
Wednesdays on call
Thursday   10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
Fridays by appointment
Emergency Water & Sewer:
Text or Call 719-239-4788

SDCEA Electric Outage # 719-395-2412 or toll-free 844-395-2412.